MSDE Publication Standards

​Publication Contents


The names of the State Superintendent, the State Board President, and the Governor – in that order – must be placed on ALL external publications.

The names are as follows:

Mohammed Choudhury
Superintendent of Schools

Clarence C Crawford
President, Maryland State Board of Education

Wes Moore

The full list of State Board members is NOT required on publications, but may be placed when the publication is mandated by the Board. In these instances, list the first and last name of each member but WITHOUT his/her title (e.g., Dr., Mr., Ms., Mrs.).

Assistant Superintendents may decide what other names, if any, should be listed on their division's publications.


The Department logo must be placed on all publications. Take care to maintain the logo's proportions and legibility.

The logo must be downloaded from the webpage, MSDE Logos and NOT copied from the homepage.

  • It's preferred that the logo be on the front cover, but it's acceptable to place it on the back.
  • If a publication or event is co-sponsored, you may place additional logos on the publication as long as the Department logo is of equal or greater size.


Place the date (month and year, no comma between the two) on the cover – front or back – of the publication.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The MSDE Non-Discrimination Statement is required on some publications.

If your publication relates to recruitment or employment, or if it announces a program sponsored by the Department, you must include the statement below.

The Maryland State Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation in matters affecting employment or in providing access to programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. For inquiries related to Department policy, please contact:

    Agency Equity Officer
    Equity Assurance and Compliance Office
    Office of the Deputy State Superintendent for Finance and Administration
    Maryland State Department of Education
    200 W. Baltimore Street - 6th Floor
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2595
    410-767-0123 - voice
    410-767-0431 - fax
    410-333-6442 - TTY/TDD

If your publication does not relate to recruitment or employment and does not announce a sponsored program, you can include the following statement if space permits.

The Maryland State Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, color, creed, gender identity and expression, genetic information, marital status, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation in matters affecting employment or in providing access to programs.

Contact Information

Contact information for the Department must be placed on the cover – inside or outside, front or back.

The full contact information for the Department is below. (Note the format of the Web address.)

    Maryland State Department of Education
    [Division and/or Office]
    200 West Baltimore Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201
    [Division Phone]
    [Division Fax]
    [TTY Line]
    [Toll-free Line]


A copyright notice must be placed on MSDE original materials for which we want to retain ownership, such as curriculum, assessments, instructional resources, and publications. This ensures that users will request permission from MSDE to reprint any part of the publication. This notice should be placed on the title page, the page immediately following it, the front or back cover (inside or out) or the first page of the main body of work. The notice must include:

  • The word Copyright or the copyright symbol: ©
  • Maryland State Department of Education
  • The year of first publication of the work

               For example: © Maryland State Department of Education 2017


If you are including a picture of Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury in the publication, the photo below is the one to be used.

Mohammed Choudhury
You can retrieve it on the MSDE Logos webpage.

Publication Design


Use consistent point sizes for heads, subheads, and text.

For heads, subheads, and pull-out quotes, use a bold san serif font. San serif fonts include Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Helvetica, and Century Gothic.

For body text, use a serif font (e.g., Times New Roman, Garamond, and Palatino).

Body text should be no larger than 11 point.


In publications, DO NOT center text. Heads and text should always be left justified.


Photos of children throughout the publication should reflect the demographics of Maryland public schools (that is, White children should comprise about 46% of all children featured, African American children should comprise about 38%, Hispanic children, 10%, and Asian children, 6%).

For this reason, your cover sign DOES NOT have to feature children. However, if you choose to use photograph(s) on the cover, it/they must be demographically representative.

DO NOT download any images from the Internet for use in print or Web publications except those purchased through a pay photo site (e.g.,,