Family Support Services

For Families of Children with Disabilities (Birth Through 21)

The MSDE Family Support Section of the Family Support and Dispute Resolution Branch, facilitates informal dispute resolution by responding to parent inquiries, assisting parents with navigating Maryland's early intervention and special education systems, and connecting parents with school system resources and personnel who can assist with concerns.

Family Support Centers

Additionally, the MSDE works to provide technical assistance, support, and guidance to each Family Support Center, which are a part of each local school system in Maryland. Family Support Center staff are committed to providing information to parents and families in order for them to work as equal partners with the school system. Specifically, each Family Support Center seeks to:
  • Increase parental involvement in the early intervention and special education decision making process;
  • Increase collaborative relationships through information and training;
  • Assist families in resolving concerns and making informed decisions regarding their child's education;
  • Provide information about disabilities and school system and community resources.

Helpful Publications

Contact Information
Kenneth Hudock, Family Support Services Section Chief
Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services
200 West Baltimore Street, 9th floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-767-0255 (office)
Fax: 410-333-0664