Local Finance Reporting Office

The Local Finance Reporting Office is responsible for developing, collecting, reviewing, evaluating, editing, reporting, and publishing local schools systems financial data. It administers the automated financial reporting system (the Annual Financial Report and Grant Reporting System) to serve the purpose of answering State and/or federal surveys in the form of special projects or reports. This office also administers compliance with Maintenance of Effort requirements (MOE) under the Bridge to Excellence, makes determinations on eligibility for Nonrecurring Cost exclusions from MOE calculations, and provides support to the Master Plan review process.

The responsibilities also include providing guidance to the 24 Maryland school systems’ staff regarding accounts classification and grants reporting procedures; assisting the school systems’ staff to ensure reporting deadlines are met; administering the usage of the Grant and Annual Financial Report System by providing training to users of the system; and compiling, reviewing, and publishing the annual Selected Financial Data on the MSDE website.

Contact Information

Joanne M. Killian

Maryland State Department of Education

200 West Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410-767-4044

email address: joanne.killian@maryland.gov