Office of School Facilities

The Office of School Facilities is responsible for providing leadership and technical assistance to Maryland’s 24 school systems and the Maryland School for the Blind with regard to long-range facility planning; capital improvement program development; educational specifications; and the design, construction, and maintenance of school facilities. This Office administers the review and approval of locally funded school construction projects and leases by the State Superintendent of Schools. This Office conducts the review of feasibility studies, educational specifications, and schematic designs and coordinates with the Department of General Services on the review of design development and construction documents. This Office is responsible for developing guidelines and standards for the planning, construction, and maintenance of school facilities. This Office also supports the Nonpublic Aging Schools Program and the Nonpublic Schools Security Improvements.

This Office is a part of a multi-agency program, the Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC/PSCP). The IAC is an independent agency providing direction of State funding for school construction, facility management assistance and maintenance effectiveness assessments and advice. The members of the IAC are the State Superintendent of Schools, the Secretary of the Maryland Department of General Services, the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning, two appointees of the Governor, two appointees of the President of the Maryland Senate, and two appointees of the Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates.


Safety Guidelines on the Use of Electric Retractable Partitions in Maryland Schools

Facilities Planning Guidelines and Technical Bulletins Order Form


Jillian Storms, 
Executive Director, Office of School Facilities
Office: (410) 767-0615