Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides IT leadership, strategic direction, and centralized IT products and services supporting the State Department of Education. Under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer, OIT provides essential IT services to all 27 offices and divisions at MSDE headquarters, in addition to the Maryland State Board of Education, 13 regional child care offices, and 29 offices of Rehabilitation Services. 

OIT provides technical expertise to MSDE's 2 independent agencies homed within the MSDE headquarters building and fosters IT collaboration with all 24 local education agencies, covering the 24 counties in Maryland.

The Office of Information Technology also includes five Core Services Team Information Technology Partners (ITP) who report directly to the Chief Information Officer and actively support Information Technology operations across all Divisions and Offices within the Department. Each IT partner is responsible for serving as a strategic interface with the assigned Offices and Divisions to develop business technology strategy development, identify and implement solutions, and provide service and risk management. The partners are supported by IT coordinators, who support the partners' development and maintenance of IT procurements, renewal of annual contracts, and install new hardware and software, as well as manage hardware and software inventories. IT coordinators also provide technical support for MSDE Offices and Divisions.

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Shawn Fritz-Rushing

Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology
Office: (410) 767-0422