Comprehensive Skills-Based Health Education

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Maryland regulations establish Health Education Standards, which the State Board of Education adopted in 2019, after conducting substantial stakeholder engagement and receiving overwhelming positive feedback during the public comment period. 

The Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework:

  • Provides guidance to support local school systems as they make decisions about what curricula and instructional materials to use;
  • Was developed by a committee including the Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland Department of Health, local school system representatives, national experts, and stakeholders; 
  • Is a document for local school systems to consult as they develop curriculum; and
  • Is not instructional material itself – the terms used in the document are not used in classrooms unless they are deemed age appropriate and included in classroom instructional materials.

Under the regulations adopted by the State Board, local school systems must provide the opportunity for parents/guardians to view any instructional materials used in teaching family life and human sexuality and establish an opt-out policy for that instruction.


Comprehensive PreK-12 Skills-Based Health Education focuses on a student’s development of protective life skills that promote health and well-being.  By participating in a variety of learning experiences, students are able to develop adaptive and positive behaviors that will equip them to meet the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Comprehensive Health Education Framework 

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Director of Instructional Programs
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