Shawn D. Bartley, Esq.

Montgomery County, Term 2020 - 2024

Shawn Bartley, Esq. is an experienced board member. He currently is chairman of the board for the Primary Care Coalition in Montgomery County, Maryland. In his capacity as chairman of the board, Mr. Bartley assists in carrying out the vision of the board to "improve the health of vulnerable individuals and families by building partnerships and strengthening systems." The Primary Care Coalition provides services and funding for public health care clinics and programs. The annual operating budget of the Primary Care Coalition is $20,000,000. One of Mr. Bartley's proudest accomplishments on the board was working collaboratively with the board to hire the board's current CEO that has transformed the organization into one of the best nonprofit healthcare organizations in Maryland. In coordination with the board, Mr. Bartley provides support to the CEO to ensure the programs and services of the Primary Coalition are effective and successful.

Mr. Bartley is the former Chairman of the Board for the Montgomery Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families, having served from 2010 until 2012. While at the Collaboration Council for Children Youth and Families Mr. Bartley helped manage their $8,000,000 budget and direct the organization in meeting its vision to "promote access to care, ensure all youth have a successful transition to adulthood, and build equitable opportunities for all children and youth to thrive." The Collaboration Council is a designated Local Management Board that utilizes public and private funds to best serve communities and persons at risk. Mr. Bartley and the Collaboration Council working in coordination with the executive director championed after school and out of school programs to enhance and improve the lives of our public school students in Title 1 schools. Mr. Bartley is also a former member of the board for The Shepherd's Table in Silver Spring, Maryland, having served one term. The Shepherd's Table services the homeless and persons in need of meals due to food insecurity and poverty.

Mr. Bartley is a practicing attorney in the state of Maryland and is the founder and principal partner of Shawn D. Bartley and Associates, LLC. Mr. Bartley and the firm has successfully assisted in thousands of client matters that include family law, estate administration, real estate/ property, litigation, business/ corporate matters, and bankruptcy. In 2011, Mr. Bartley was recognized by "Legal Shield" as their #1 corporate referral attorney in Legal Shield's North American attorney network. Mr. Bartley readily participated with the Maryland State Bar Association and is a past fellow of the bar association's Leadership Academy (2005). Mr. Bartley is adept at client service and is keenly focused on client results.

Mr. Bartley is a graduate of the Valparaiso University School of Law in Valparaiso, Indiana and a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. While in law school, Mr. Bartley was active in numerous activities that included Moot Court, Mock Trial, Negotiation Team, and he was elected to the Student Bar Association. Mr. Bartley is most proud of the Honor Paper he wrote in the class "Race Relations and the Constitution" taught by Professor/ Mayor Richard Hatcher (former Mayor of Gary, Indiana).

At the University of Maryland, Mr. Bartley was a scholar athlete (football), earning his way toward his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994. While attending the University of Maryland, Mr. Bartley was a volunteer for President Bill Clinton’s federal initiative Summer of Service in 1993, working under the guidance of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (who would later go on to establish the Maryland Student Service Alliance). As a volunteer in the Summer of Service, Mr. Bartley actively participated and led students to complete public service projects in Baltimore City. Mr. Bartley’s work with the Summer of Service 1993 helped set the foundation for the Maryland Student Service Alliance and the requirement that all Maryland public school students must complete 75 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. Mr. Bartley also had the esteemed opportunity to work as a legislative intern in United States Congressman Bobby Scott’s (Virginia) office under the supervision of Brian Woolfolk, Esq. As a legislative intern, Mr. Bartley assisted the Congressman in his attempt to thwart the 1993 Crime Bill which the Congressman accurately predicted would detrimentally affect the African American community disproportionately.

Mr. Bartley is adept at public speaking and interpersonal communication. He became a Certified Toastmaster in 1997 with Toastmasters International, Inc. at the local club “Demosthenes Wannabes” located on the campus of American Honda Motor Corporation, Torrance, California. He is readily available for public speaking opportunities and loves the American tradition of civil discourse/ debate.

Mr. Bartley is a member of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Maryland and Silver Spring Lodge #215, having attained the degree of Master Mason. Mr. Bartley is also a member of the Scottish Rite – Valley of Washington in the Orient of the District of Columbia, having attained the 32° KCCH. Additionally, Mr. Bartley serves as a trustee for the D.C. Scottish Rite Foundation. The D.C. Scottish Rite Foundations mission is to service children with speech and language challenges by providing specialized services free of charge.

Mr. Bartley is a conservative family man and is married to a Montgomery County school teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Bartley are the proud parents of two children that attend public schools. Mr. Bartley is an avid sportsman and outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys participating in outdoor activities with his family which includes but is not limited to: golfing, fishing, baseball, hiking, softball, basketball, flag football, swimming, archery, big game harvesting, and biking. He regularly attends church with his family at St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Silver Spring Maryland.