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About the Tests

On July 25, 2023, the Maryland State Board of Education passed (COMAR) 13A.03.02 Graduation Requirements for Public High Schools in Maryland and 13A.03.04 Test Administration and Data Reporting Policies and Procedures. Starting in the school year 2023-2024, for first-time ninth graders, the American Government and the Life Science Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (LS MISA) End of Course Exams will count for 20% of students’ final grades in the respective American Government and life science course.

What are the benefits of an End of Course Assessment model?

The EOC exams shift the emphasis from high-stakes testing to teacher instruction with 80% of a student’s course grade based on locally created teacher-designed content.  The EOC exams measure student learning of core academic content in the respective subject areas.

EOC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

End of Course Assessment FAQ (September 2023)


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