Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP)

End of Course Exams (EOCs)


Life Science 
Algebra I
English 10

Grade Level

High School

About the Tests

The End of Course (EOC) exams were adopted by the State Board on May 25, 2021.  The EOC exams comprise 20 percent of the student’s grade in the relevant courses.  The EOC exam adoption supersede the former requirement in Maryland for students to earn a passing score on a high school assessment in order to graduate from high school. 

The Maryland State Board has determined that the EOC exams will be implemented starting in the 2023-2024 school year.  The Code of Maryland Regulation (COMAR) 13A.03.02 Graduation Requirements for Public High Schools is pending revisions.  

What are the benefits of an End of Course Assessment model?

The EOC exams shift the emphasis from high stakes testing to teacher instruction with 80% of a student’s course grade based on locally created teacher-designed content.  The EOC exams measure student learning of core academic content in the respective subject areas.

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