Maryland CTE

Program Highlight: 

Business Management and Finance College Credit

The Maryland State Department of Education in partnership with the College Board is working to align BMF programs to the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) assessments in accounting, management, and marketing. Additionally, AP Economics is encouraged as a part of each program. 

The CLEP credit-by-examination program and AP exam information can be found at

Business Management and Finance

Maryland CTE programs include a focus on financial services, accounting and finance, marketing, business management, and business administrative support. These programs include options for students to earn industry certifications and college credit in a business-related career field. Students have the opportunity to take the College-Level examination program (CLEP) test in the areas of Financial Accounting, Principles of Management, and Principles of Marketing. Advanced Placement (AP) Economics is encouraged as a part of each program. Students may also participate in career technology student organizations.

Programs of Study

Academy of Finance (NAF)
The National Academy Foundation (NAF) Finance Academy provides students with a broad understanding of financial and economic concepts and provides internship opportunities. Students complete a series of courses including: Principles of Finance, Accounting, Economics, Securities, Managerial Accounting, Financial Services, Ethics in Business, and Applied Finance. Students may also complete an internship to advance their understanding of careers in business and finance.

Accounting and Finance
In the Accounting and Finance program, students learn decision making techniques, financial management, basic accounting principles, business communication skills, problem solving, teamwork, and networking skills. The final two courses in the program focus on advanced accounting and finance knowledge to prepare them for college level courses and entry-level positions in the work force and a capstone course project. Students may also complete a capstone project and/or dual enrollment in college accounting and finance.

Business Administrative Services
The Business Administrative Services program provides students with knowledge of how to effectively use technology in the analysis and communication of business principles. Students are required to complete Office Systems Management I and Office Systems Management II. The second course in the sequence includes coursework in Microsoft Office Applications preparing students for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification for Microsoft Word and Excel.

Business Management
The program begins with courses in Principles of Business, Management and Entrepreneurship. The final two courses in the program focus on management, including Advanced Business Management and the Business Management Capstone course. This program prepares students for college-level programs in various areas of Business Administration. Graduates may earn college credit through articulation agreements, dual enrollment, or by taking the Principles of Management CLEP exam.

In the Marketing program, students learn about the consumer’s role, research in global marketing, developing a marketing plan and the importance of ethics and social responsibility. Internships and mentored projects are highly recommended. Graduates may earn college credit through articulation agreements, dual enrollment, or by taking the Principles of Marketing CLEP exam.