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Biomedical Sciences

The Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Sciences program is one of Maryland’s leading STEM focused Career and Technology Education programs of study that  includes a sequence of courses aligned to appropriate national learning standards.

Students explore the concepts of human medicine and are introduced to topics such as physiology, genetics, microbiology and public health.

They also explore the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, working in teams to investigate and design innovative solutions to the health challenges of the 21st century such as fighting cancer with nanotechnology.

Health and Biosciences

Career and Technology Education programs in the Health and Biosciences Cluster focus on preparing dedicated professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue challenging and rewarding careers and further education. These programs require students to apply knowledge learned in science and mathematics to professions in the Health and Biosciences field. These careers are among the fastest growing and highest in demand in the country as the population ages and health care needs continue to increase. Students are prepared for positions in direct patient care settings, research and laboratory facilities as well as for opportunities in business and management related to health care.  These programs also provide career development experiences for students who want to pursue careers in medical professions such as physicians, research scientists, nurses, and other exciting careers. 

Programs of Study

Academy of Health Professions

The Academy of Health Professions program uses project and problem-based learning, clinical experiences, as well as classroom and lab instruction to teach students about the field of health care. students progress through two foundation courses: Foundations of Medicine and Health science and structure and Functions of the Human Body. opportunities for students to apply what they are learning to real life health care situations are part of specialized health care courses. Students also have the opportunity to earn state and/or nationally recognized certifications, and/or college credit through articulation agreements with local colleges. Stevenson University provides on-going curriculum and professional development to AHP teachers and transcripted college credit to students who successfully complete the program.

Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences

​PLTW Biomedical Science empowers students to build knowledge and skills in biomedical science, as well as in-demand, transportable skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, and collaboration. The program consists of a sequence of four courses: principles of Biomedical science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovations. Students who complete the program are prepared for employment and further education. Stevenson University, Maryland’s PLTW Biomedical Sciences affiliate university, offers transcripted credit to students who successfully complete the program and meet specified requirements.